MINIsOnTop 2010 Packing day

A little strange after the last few years – but for MINIsOnTop 2010 I’m just helping out the organizers Richard and Sarah; and today headed in to Boston to assist with packing day. Once again, around 230 MINIs and close to 500 people will be attending, so it’s a few hours of work putting together 230+ mailing packages containing the needed MOT booklet and other paperwork, meal and auto road tickets, Tshirts, antenna balls, cling decals, etc, etc.
Of course, I took a few pictures too 🙂

Tasks divided, with different people focusing on different parts of the job, makes for fastest packing – Lynn did auto road and food tickets, Richard sorted name tags and checked envelopes, Sarah checked / applied address labels, while Michael and Josh selected Tshirts (I drove the front end, with the easy task of putting “same for everyone” stuff in each envelope!); and to ensure the least chance of folks getting the wrong stuff, we had Quality Control check each envelope – Brian, Kevin and Shannon!

If you’re registered for MINIsOnTop, expect a package in the next week … if not, sorry it’s too late now!