Safari reader view

Today’s update of Apple’s Safari browser brings a new “reader” view, which seems to be available only sometimes, but with no website effort … I tried it on GBMINI; it wasn’t offered on the main page, or on the most recent post, but Safari did offer “reader view” on my last MINI Takes The States post. Here is the normal view, and the Safari reader version:

There’s nothing special that I’ve done to that post, it’s a bit of a mystery how Safari chooses whether or not to offer the reader view. Which do you prefer?

3 thoughts on “Safari reader view

  1. So far I really dislike the new Safari browser… even slower than the old Safari was! :-/

  2. Hey didn’t see the part about Robert… he’s such a prince of a guy!!!! 😉 TallyHo my friend, July 1st approaches!

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