MTTS 2010 roads

I’ve been trying to review MINI Takes The States 2010 to see where they plan to send our MINIs, and whether I want to “go with the flow” or just join the group sometimes … for example, I might prefer two nights in Las Vegas, by skipping Phoenix!
Trouble is, MINI really haven’t published anything yet! They’ve named hotels, and said there will be Rise & Shine rallies – but no route details and nothing about other possible events at the intermediate hotels … so time to figure things out for myself!

Looking at the route around Winter Park, CO, i see this:

And way back in 2003, Margaret and I found Nebo Loop Scenic Byway south of Salt Lake City, UT – I said at the time it was a MINI road, so we should definitely try to drive it!


I wonder how many more interesting places there are …

2 thoughts on “MTTS 2010 roads

  1. We haven’t heard yet, but if I had to guess, the roads taken will be straight shots as much as possible. As the song says, we’ve got a long way to go and a short time to get there.

    From Phoenix, look for Strawberry AZ. I was talking to a friend recently that said the roads were epic. From there, over to Cottonwood and over the mountain into Prescott, then up to the 40. Might take a while, but it looks like a great drive.

    I know for a fact that there is no such thing as a fun road between Phoenix and LA. Nothing but straight through the desert on I10.

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