Coast to coast

Back in August 2006, I did a coast-to-coast drive in my then brand-new GPMINI as part of MINI Takes The States; it was a two week trip fully organized by MINI USA, and it was great fun – even though Margaret only joined me at the beginning and end.
Now in 2010, MINI USA is organizing another similar-but-different MINI Takes The States event, and we will be driving coast-to-coast once again!

In 2006, I picked up my GP MINI in Monterey, California during a fabulous early delivery celebration event, so it was then a simple matter (!) of driving about 5,000 miles back home; this time, my MINI is in Florida so it has to go coast-to-coast twice! To this end, my friend Robert who lives near Los Angeles, California is flying to Florida, collecting GPMINI, and driving back to his home – then we fly out to Los Angeles, collect the car, and join the MINI Takes The States event driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and finally to Denver, Colorado. After that, we make our way further East and South eventually back to Florida!

Here’s an early concept of the driving route:

This route covers a total distance of 3,267 miles; much less than the route I drove in 2006 as back then we started in Monterey and finished in Boston. However our true final distance is likely further, as we will do some touring on the Denver to Florida drive – this is Margaret’s chance to see LOTS of America!

Of course the MINI will do even more miles as Robert will drive 2,500 miles or more taking the car to Los Angeles!

I’m sure there will be lots of amazing pictures, in August … “watch this space”, as they say!

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