Runflats for GPMINI

Heading to Florida last year, we had a tire incident which Prestige MINI saved by fitting two runflats to GPMINI; now before GPMINI’s big drive, I took her to MINI of Orlando today to get the other tires switched back to runflats too, and to get an engine inspection and oil change. All this was done, but took over four hours thanks to some siezed tie rods delaying wheel alignment. Happily though, apart from that, all is well with GPMINI – and very helpful Bryan, Service Manager there, has promised to goodwill change the tie rods when GPMINI returns from her trip, even though she will be a couple weeks out of warranty by then.

Meanwhile, some pics – here is GPMINI fighting against wheel alignment:



And here’s a few pictures of the HUGE dealership showroom / waiting room area:

2 thoughts on “Runflats for GPMINI

  1. It’s all smoke and mirrors 🙂 Actully the units you see hanging off of the wheels are reflectors. That upside down U shaped unit against the wall has infrared lights on it. The light shine on the reflectors and tells the alignment control unit where the wheels are in relationship to where they should be.. The tech makes his adjustments and when it is correct he will get green on the control unit monitor..Works almost as well as string and a tape measure…

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