GPMINI goes Coast to Coast

In preparation for MINI Takes The States in August, where Margaret and I drive from Los Angeles to Denver, and then head back to Florida, my GP needs to get from Florida to LA … And this weekend (plus some extra days) MINI friend Robert is going to drive her from East coast to West – saving me the time off work that I’d have to take to do the drive myself, and hopefully having a fun trip of his own …

Robert is much more artistically creative than me, and made this nice banner for his trip:

Head over to Roberts website to read his thoughts on the trip, and the fun he plans to have …

Meanwhile, during Roberts trip he will be able to post updates to GBMINI here, so “watch this space” 🙂

3 thoughts on “GPMINI goes Coast to Coast

  1. I gotta get up at 2:30 am as Kittie has jury duty tomorrow and has to deliver me to the Flyaway bus terminal in Downtown, LA by 4 AM since she can’t take me to LAX. Gad!

    CU soon.

  2. I’m jealous, would love to make a coast to coast drive, though maybe a little more leisurely than this one. While the MINI would be fun, not sure I’d want to do it in a MINI, I feel pretty stiff after just driving to Vegas (5 hrs) and with no cruise control my ankle is sore for a long time.

    But definitely jealous.

  3. I hope he doesn’t motor southwest from Kissimmee to Gulfport or he’ll be motoring in the Gulf of Mexico. 8^)

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