Well the day started out as a simple jaunt to Wichita Falls, Tx., 400 or so miles. That’s a dead city, really, so I went on to Amarillo and drove 666 miles, exactly! Odd, huh

Well at least my drive to Santa Fe tomorrow will be easy as I have dinner at Pasqual’s with two friends who live there at 7:30 pm.

Ok the GP is getting 26.4 mpg. 5 tanks so far and is just a fab car. Gas has been cheap compared to LA.

So once in Amarillo I was told I had to go to The Big Texan. What a kick! The food is, so so but the entetainment and experience of the place worth the money. Need to ever do it again, naw.

Saw a boy try and eat a 72 oz steak and, as they say here, “all the fix’ns” in 1 hour. He looked pretty sick only 18 minutes left.

Lotsa radar traps as the detector went crazy most of the 666 miles but… There were those spots, don’t read this part Ian, when I hit mufflemuffle30 for a VERY limited run between onramps for let’s say maybe 1/2 mile. The speed at which it hits that speed is amazing next to 2004 MCS. Suspension, brakes are also much better than my stock MINI, even with run flats. The power is so smooth and easily accessed; it’s a bit addicting for short bursts.

Things I miss; sunroof, rear window wiper.

More pics in another post.


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