While we are so close, Margaret wanted to visit Disneyland California – I wasn’t keen on paying full price ($180 for parking and entry!), but the visit was quite interesting, although the beginning was rather busy!

Lots of the same rides as Magic Kingdom, though the park is much much smaller; but many rides have the same name but are quite different … Tiki birds here is not “under new management”, Pirates of the Caribbean is a lot less “Jack Sparrow” themed, and Haunted Mansion is very different in and out. It’s a small world was different too with a big facade on the front, and interesting bushes.

We wanted to try the Matterhorn ride, but the queues were crazy! So we rode the monorail, which is a ride – almost a roller coaster – instead of transportation.


Pictures from the day:

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  1. May be smaller than Disney World, but still looks like fun! The funnel cake looked delicious! Wish we were there with you!

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