MTTS 2010 swag

It’s a curious collection of stuff being handed out at MTTS this year – starting with the bag itself which is supposed to be made from recycled MINI posters!

In addition to the large pin above, MINI are giving out a small pin at each overnight stop – I bet there will be some eBay selling for folks trying to collect the full set!

There’s also some nice purchasable stuff, including a metal plaque like the MTTS’06 one, and some better quality shirts (pics some other time!)

Today, we drove to Grand Junction … many MINIs have already left Salt Lake City for the Bonneville Salt Flats, but when it emerged that it will be a parade, led at a limited speed, and not a “free for all” – along with the issue of salt all over and under the car, and the fact that it’s a three hour detour, we chose not to go! Maybe they will let the MINIs get to 70mph, but I can legally go faster than that in Utah!
So instead we’re heading straight to Grand Junction, and more scenery!

2 thoughts on “MTTS 2010 swag

  1. That’s the same stuff we got in Atlanta. There are a few non-city button pins that you have to find by talking to certain people. We’ll need a Pin Trading thread on NAM or somewhere.

    We’re in St. Louis and MTTS just left for Kansas City. Have fun in Denver!

  2. I got mostly the same. Your bag is more interesting than mine. The one I’ve got is just the same pixelated grey all over. You’ve also got the eyeball and I’ve got the eightball (got the same one at MTTS 2008). I also didn’t get the MINI International mag. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

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