3 thoughts on “Four GPs

  1. Wish we could have seen you on this trip to make it 5 in one photo. Hooked up with one other GP on the Southeast leg of the trip.

  2. It was great, I have only ever been to one event with another GP (Todd’s during MINI’s in the Mountains 2009). It was great to see a few turn out for the event.

    I admit that I had hopped to see more. I think with 415 in the US that only five (the most I saw during the event(Western leg)) was a bit sad. I think that nobody buys a GP without being a enthusiast and to me not doing an event like MTTS is rather odd lol. I know that people get busy but I have the feeling that more and more GP’s are being hidden in garages vs being used as they were designed to be.

  3. A quick tally of what I sighted over the trip from SLC to Denver.

    MINI of Murry event – 0154,0203,0509
    Bonneville event – 1405,0509
    Grand Junction – 0154,0203,1405,0509
    Winter Park – 0154,0203,0282,0352,0509
    Denver – I saw five of us on Sunday am before I headed out but was not awake enough to remember to check out the fifth.

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