MTTS: It’s the people, too!

MINI Takes The States is a great MINI drive, but it’s also a great group of MINI people … so many folks I know that make the event so great, and sorry that I can’t even think to list them all!

Top of the list probably Robert & Kittie, that made the whole trip for Margaret and I so good, getting GPMINI out to LA, and inviting us to stay at their home; then George, with his new partner Jennifer; Jim & Trudy from MINI USA, always such fun people and much of the reason for this event happening; and most special thanks to Margaret for accompanying me and being my best friend!

2 thoughts on “MTTS: It’s the people, too!

  1. What a nice thing to say Ian. It’s was a real pleasure to have you stay with us and become friends as well. We plan to visit you guy as soon as all of our schedules allow, maybe for the leaf turning thing and to get some fine sea food.

    Thanks for the intro to Gabe, that was pretty neat…:-)

    You and Margaret are special people, Best wishes, Robert & Kittie

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