Mesa Verde

Today we took a “quick trip” to an AMAZING “nearby” site, Mesa Verde – nearby in Colorado-relative terms, we drove maybe 200 miles today but went nowhere!
We knew that Mesa Verde is famous for some 800-1200 year old cliff dwellings built by long-gone native Americans, but we didn’t know just how many building there are (about 4,700 sites in total), or how fabulous the location is, even without the buildings! And since it was so fabulous, I took lots of pictures!

Approaching Mesa Verde (nice roads):

First dwellings we see (not cliff-side!):

Coach tour bus, and the tirst cliff dwelling we see:


And then, the famous Cliff Palace:


Finally a few views on our way back from Mesa Verde:

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  1. We’ve been there many times – usually in the winter! It’s such a special, spiritual place! Well worth the drive, eh?! Love the rainbow picture!

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