Half way across Texas

Back in 2006 my memories of Texas were mostly of long straight dull roads, and much of today’s drive agreed with that memory … However this time I wasn’t alone, and while Margaret drove I was able to catch up on my comic reading during a rare “AT&T works” moment on the iPad!
And Texas knows that their state is a bit flat – this is their idea of a scenic view!

More driving-in-Texas pics over on MargaretAndIan

3 thoughts on “Half way across Texas

  1. Been reading Amazing Super Powers? Had a problem with one of their latest strips and told my nephew as much.

    I find Texas quite lovely but I guess that may be because of my off road racing days.

    My travels through the eastern part of Texas I had very good AT&T coverage, well mainly Edge, but it worked but I didn’t have an iPad yet.

  2. There is an old adage that says once you are out of Texas you are halfway to anyplace.

    At least it is somewhat green there in that pic, it is usually brown, and hot.

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