A MINI and a storm

Today, we were passed by another MINI! It’s amazing how few MINIs we’ve seen since leaving MINI Takes The States, a full week ago, now!


Apart from that “highlight”, we visited New Orleans, drove in four states, and met two of the craziest huge storms we’ve ever seen! One was bad enough, causing many accidents, invisible driving, and amazing lightning shows – but then we went through it all again; and as yet another storm arrived while we were filling the car, we bailed and headed for the closest hotel for the night!


Maybe we will reach “second home” tomorrow, and our trip will be over! Right now, we’ve just passed 4,000 miles, at an average 27.6mpg costing just under $500 (but we need at least one more fill before we reach our destination) …

And of course, GPMINI herself did an extra 2,500 miles with Robert, going out to LA.

4 thoughts on “A MINI and a storm

  1. Now that is a road trip Ian. I am sure GPMINI is really looking forward to being home and relaxing in its garage for a bit.

    Have a safe final leg of the trip and lets hope those black clouds don’t follow you two any further.

  2. I’ve seen minis all over the place here in New Orleans, but I suppose it is different from the rest of the south. Seen some pretty impressive storms too.

  3. …and not long after leaving the previous comment, I was passed by a classic mini too!

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