Back to MINI of Orlando

Today we are back to MINI of Orlando to deal withnthe tie rods; also confirmed the recent noise is due to poor runflat tire wear (one year and less than 10,000 miles!), and apparently an issue with the slow fan speed relay which explains why i was hearing the fan running so much recently.


Hopefully my MINI dealership sweet spot will be maintained, and costs will be minimal … only 12 days past warranty and still 7,000 miles short!

4 thoughts on “Back to MINI of Orlando

  1. Huge kudos to MINI of Orlando, who will good will the fan issue too – and give me a loaner for the weekend as they don’t have the fan part, and don’t want me driving any more than necessary with problematic cooling on GPMINI …

  2. I’m trying to recall if the fan ran on while I had it? Hum, not sure, I know mine does.

    It’s going in for few new things next Tuesday… Drivers seat no longer raises or lowers, it’s stuck in Nose Bleed stratosphere like you and Kittie like, SunRoof makes odd clanking noise, Full lock to lock steering at slow speeds makes a slight scraping noise, Boot door is creaking.

  3. Orlando MINI is my local dealer and have always taken good care of Trevor.

    You should come out to watch the Phil Wicks Academy tomorrow. I’ll be there watching. We could do some trading.

  4. Just had my fan replaced at 45,000 miles. had the same thing happen on my 05 convertible. Good thing still under warranty. Wanted $750 if it wasn’t

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