Mickey & MINI 2010 – Dinner Show

Again because I hadn’t originally planned to fly down, I had not planned events, but learned of The Outta Control Dinner Show happening tonight, and bought a dinner ticket from someone that couldn’t attend. Excellent 🙂
So, another short MINI drive:

The show is at WonderWorks, a bit of an “upside-down place”! The actual dinner part of the evening was nothing great; some OK salad and less than best pizza slices, and a piece of cake … But of course the MINI company was perfect, as always!


The show itself (from Tony Brent) was hilarious and amazing; Tony performs comedy magic with a good level of audience participation, including a few great card tricks and a fabulous disappearing-$100-reappearing-in-a-lemon; he also discovered Xiek and had him up on stage …


My personal highlight surely was “I’ve got you Babe” – imagine an audience member with ventriloquist face mask operated by Brent as Cher, while he mimes Sonny!


A great evening – many thanks Mickey & MINI and all my MINI friends down here!