A better Audi Q5 service

I’ve continued to be unimpressed by IRA Audi; they do a poor job of scheduled service (here and here), require multiple visits for repairs, and completely ignore me when I call them to try and schedule the annual service!
I recently learned of another local choice – Audi Burlington owned by Herb Chambers; I figured they HAVE to be better, so I’ll give them a try …

Step one; call for service, leave a message – they called back within a couple hours but missed me, but then called again next day. I told them the car needed an annual service (ie: an oil change), and could I book a Saturday, maybe about 11am … no problem, come in this Saturday was the friendly reply. Full marks so far!

Driving down to Burlington today, my Q5 decided that it’s passenger side LED “day running light” cluster had failed (I checked and yes, it was no longer lit! I thought LEDs had a long life). Well, Audi Burlington were happy to check that too – it turned out that the whole light cluster needed to be replaced, but they had a replacement part in stock (excellent!); they also did some sort of factory bulletin on the tail gate.
Meanwhile, they dropped us at the local Mall so we could get lunch and shopping, and then collected us when the car was ready – and they called twice during that time to keep us up to date with the situation.

So now my Q5 is all serviced, and clean again πŸ™‚

And … Herb Chambers Audi Burlington successfully reset the service interval display, showing a much superior level of skill to Ira!

Overall, VERY happy with the service visit – I’ll go there again (thanks, Armen, for the tip!)

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