23 thoughts on “Another huge MINI friend is lost to us

  1. I met him the time I came out to pick up my daughter’s Cooper. Quite the character. Sad to loose such individuals that brighten our lives.

  2. I miss my friend! Saddened that I regularly delete emails and have none left from him 😦
    Ian, these photos have cheered me up tremendously. Smiling Hrach!! Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. Hrach was Mr. MINI not only to all his fans but to our staff as well. This is a very sad time for the LWAG family and especially everyone at MINI of Peabody. Hrach and his family are in our prayers.

    Stay in the left lane Hrach!

  4. We’ll miss you! I’m glad I was able to have a good chat with Hrach recently at the grand opening. His enthusiasm for MINI was shown in conversations not just with us MINI-fans, but with every prospective customer that visited MOP. Let’s hope the new expanded MOP can keep a little bit of Hrach’s attitude in all their employees.

  5. These are great pictures. I still use the grille in picture that Hrach gave to me. He’s given so much to all that ever had the blessing of meeting him.

  6. He was the reason I got a MINI in the first place; when he urged me to “floorrr it” during the test drive through the back roads of Peabody…

  7. Very sad news indeed. Hrach was always the high point of a service trip to Peabody. Stopping for a chat was always a great way to pass the time, and you never knew what charming turn his stories would take.

  8. Oh no! That’s horrible! I bought my 2nd MINI from him in October of ’06. He was one of those larger-than-life characters and a real nice guy. Always chatty and enthusiastic. He’ll be sorely missed.

  9. Hrach was the first person to greet me in April of ’02 when we ordered Debbie’s first MINI.. We purchased all 3 of our MINI’s from Keith but always talked and joked with Hrach.. Debbie had a long converstion with him the last time she was there for service about classic Mini’s…He will be sorely missed.. A great guy and a good man…

  10. The last time I was at (the old) MoP for service, I went upstairs with every intention of doing some work on the laptop. Three hours and many photo albums later, I finally left Hrach’s office only to find my MINI ready to go. I also think that during that time, he closed deals on several new MINIs while he paused his storytelling to answer the phone.

    My deepest condolences to his family.

    Wouldn’t an old photo of Diane, Hrach and Max together be somethig? I know they are thinking about us as much as we are of them…

    Happy Motoring, Hrach!

  11. Hrach was truly one of the best salesmen for MINIs…
    He was a great guy and one of the things I fondly remember of my old job at LWAG.
    I could spend hours talking to Hrach about old cars and carburetters and BMC A-series motors. I felt like I never got any work done when I was over there because he was so fun to talk to.
    He’ll be missed by all who met him. 😦

  12. I am very sorry to hear this sad news…he was a true character and a fixture at Mini of Peabody. He always seemed to really enjoy whatever he was involved with and
    made everyone he spoke to feel special.
    So sad he was taken so early….

  13. Thanks for keeping us in touch, Ian. Hrach could always keep up his end of a conversation and I’m glad that I did get to experience a “test drive” with him (I had heard so many stories I just asked one day and he obliged me). Always a gentleman and another great soul I got to meet because of a MINI. Every time I sneeze I’ll remember Hrach!

  14. The funeral’s at noon on Saturday. Is there already a rendezvous planned? I really think we should flood the whole place with MINIs and Minis! Respectfully, of course, but I think he’d appreciate it!

  15. Ian, thanks for posting these pictures. I’ve been looking for the Hrach picture of him wearing that yellow racing outfit and hat, holding the checkered flag and stopping traffic on Route 1. After looking and looking, I was so thrilled to see it posted on your site. That’s how I want to remember him – smiling, surrounded by friends and MINI’s… stopping traffic.

    I miss him already.

  16. Just got the news today of the loss of Mister Mini. Without doubt one of the characters of my life who made it that bit more fun. He had a special place in my heart for sure and will be sorely missed. Bless you Hrach, may you rest in peace.

  17. I just got word from his brother Cesar about his passing. An all around great guy. Karen and I will both miss him muchly.

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