I’ve seen a Countryman!

Driving around England, we’ve seen a lot of MINIs and a few Minis too, mostly in town rather than on highways … But this is the first Countryman we have seen “in the wild”:

I don’t much like the color!

5 thoughts on “I’ve seen a Countryman!

  1. Doesn’t look much like the Countryman I had back in the early 80s. Just looks like a fat mini.

  2. Well that’s a rather shocking color. Almost what we used to call DayGlo or American Red back in my sign painting days. I’d rather have that color than some of the icky browns I’ve seen. Seems every Clubman here in Pasadena is that caca brown MINI offers.

  3. That’s definitely red.



    Wow. I haven’t seen this color in person yet and it’s pretty bold. I’d be curious to see how this color looks with Silver wheels instead of black.

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