Clangers, Mugs!

It seems there was a bit of a theme for Christmas this year – accidental but curious anyway; we received mugs from my Dad and from Kate & Chris; and Margaret got me a Dr Who Tardis mug too!
We also got TALKING Clangers from Kate & Chris, which immediately prompted a successful Google TV search to bring the Clangers on screen 🙂

With Margaret and I both still sick with ?flu?, Christmas this year has been quiet – TV all day, and pie & mash for dinner!

(and if you don’t know The Clangers … as they say “you haven’t lived”!)

4 thoughts on “Clangers, Mugs!

  1. I don’t remember the Clangers. Perhaps I’m too old. But I do remember Bagpuss, and the church mice, and “finding a thing”

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