A GP is for sale

Actually there’s often a GP for sale (some get listed on my GP owners forum), but this one is significant being like my GP0203 one of the few delivered at Monterey and owned by another “once active” web presence owner, Todd … He took the interesting step of “advertising” on MotoringFile today:
I was so in love with the GP that a couple years later I bought a second one when it showed up at my local dealer. The car is that great. After almost a year with two GPs, I’ve made the tough decision to sell that first GP. You read that correctly. At the risk of sounding self-serving, I’m writing about it here because it’s a rare car with a great history and, while a GP shows up for sale now and then, it’s nice to be able to let the MINI enthusiast community know about a great car like this when it becomes available. So for the next week, you can bid on GP #0083 by clicking on over to eBay. Not to worry, I keeping the second GP and will stay a MINI owner and enthusiast for a very long time. It’s just time for someone else to enjoy owning this truly great MINI.

So, who’s next? I guess nearly five years is quite a long time to own a car …

8 thoughts on “A GP is for sale

  1. If 5 years is a log time, what about 8? LOL.

    He still has a GP in the garage. He no longer sees the need to have 2.

  2. 5 years must be your record Ian..! 😉
    7 1/2 years was long enough for me with my S. I’m sure Todd won’t have much trouble selling the GP though.

  3. @James, I’m with you. I’m planning on keeping my ’06 indefinitely. Although some days I’m tempted to trade it for ’06 factory JCW 😉

    I wonder how T made up his mind which GP to part with. Intuitively, the signed GP would be the one that stays.

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