Wet cars

I took some pictures of the rain-soaked garden this morning and posted them on M&I; I thought I’d post a couple of the wet cars, too!


I drove Margaret’s new Z4 yesterday for the first time, and found it surprisingly smaller than my MINI! Less leg room with the seat fully back, and less hip room due to the wide central column (because of rear wheel drive, perhaps?). Steering response and feedback is great but not quite as satisfying as my GP; but engine/exhaust noise is better and louder – not sure if it’s too loud for long trips, but Margaret never complained on our drive up from BMW Spartanburg so it must be ok.
Really have to be careful parking in to spaces, that hood reaches out a long way and low down, likely to catch kerbs …

3 thoughts on “Wet cars

  1. I like the Z4 but it does have weird proportions. I’d like to see a Z2 with a shorter hood length.

    Ha: “kerb”. Still a Brit. 8^p

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