GPMINI for sale?

GPMINI got another (rare) wash today – she’s not driven much now, and normally remains at work during the weekend so this is her first wash since June (unless you count the “partial wash” from MINI of Peabody last month) – but when she’s clean, she still looks “good as new”:

The duck has travelled with GPMINI since Las Vegas during MINI Takes The States 2006 – there was one in the Westin Hotel bathroom but I wasn’t brave enough to swipe it … but George did for me, instead!

Five years of ownership, 47,000 miles of memories – but she doesn’t get driven much now and I must admit that I don’t miss driving her so much these days … I’m thinking maybe it’s time to find her a new owner!

11 thoughts on “GPMINI for sale?

  1. AW, it’s a sad day but I kinda thought this was coming but sort of hoped it wouldn’t.

    I also have very good/fond memories of GP0203. Meeting you and Margaret at the 1st MTTS in Monterey, Driving it for you from Florida to LA when you wanted to do MTTS last year. That was a glorious road trip for me and I loved the GP’s total package that my 2004 MCs just doesn’t have. I remember the wonderful evening you and Margaret gave me the night before I drove GP to California.

    I’d buy it but with a few of the things I love about my MCS… sun roof, rear wiper and rear seat missing, I just can’t live without.

    I also want to thank you for being a champion of TwistyBitz over the years, from the messed up 1st order for GP shirts, to your current orders of the newer GP shirts.

    I know a lot of us early owners are sort of looking around for something new but what I see that I like I can’t afford but mostly I don’t see much do I like and still love mine and the folks I’ve met along the MINI way.

    Can’t wait to see what you buy next and how you Ian-ize it.

    Your friend, Robert

  2. Must admit I have been toying with parting ways with mine also. Almost parted ways with it for a 1M, but kinda holding out to see what the Alfa 4C comes in at once it hits the shores this next year. Will be a tough decision for sure as I do still love my GP but longing for RWD.

    Know a couple of guys looking for GPs, what are you thinking selling 0203 for?

  3. WOW – never thought I’d see the day. I figured 203 was your casket. This just confirms what I’ve somewhat been sensing lately: Things are defintely now a bit out of kilter in the MINI world! You’re an iconic MINI owner Ian – thanks for all the memories and steadfast documentation.

    Motor On . . .

  4. A few people have said “waiting on finance” but nothing concrete. No critical need to sell so haven’t really tried anyway!

  5. I’m very interested in purchasing a GP. I’ve got an ’06 with the JCW factory package. But we now have a 2011 Clubman that my wife and I use for long distance travel or if we need a rear seat. Please drop me a line if your GP is still available. I’m located in Eastern Pennsylvania

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