20,000 Audi miles

After 2-1/2 years of ownership, my Q5 reached 20,000 today!

Interestingly in the same time, GPMINI has covered almost 20,000 miles, even though she spent a lot of time parked up in Florida – but driving coast to coast and back, as well as a few Florida to New Hampshire trips, help add the miles … My Q5 averages 21.3mpg (calculated, not the OBC) over that time (GPMINI averages 27.3mpg from new).

Last weekend I attended an Audi drive event where I got to test drive the latest A6 and A7 cars, more expensive than my Q5 (double the cost of my GP) – neither car was anywhere near as nice to drive as the Q5! And the BMW 5GT I tried a while back is not as good either … I wonder what else I should test drive, offering comfort, good steering, and excellent cabin tech?

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