Addition re-construction #7

We’ve got a finished fireplace now! The last two days, Tessera installed the granite columns either side of the fire, and the tiling and compass rose design above; as you can see in the picture, I lit the fireplace to get a better effect – we need to design and install some good lighting (without lighting, the design is not quite as clear).

We’re getting close to a completed living room now! We need to get a cabinet/shelves built to the right of the fireplace, for the stereo and a log store; we need to light the fireplace and paint the ceiling, and figure out some “window treatments” (curtains, for English people!)

One thought on “Addition re-construction #7

  1. Looks just as beautiful in picture as it does standing in front of the fireplace. By the way Ian, I have ‘curtains’ in my house! LOL

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