(No) Apples, but Sundaes!

It’s Fall again and that means another pretty drive through the Fall colors of Massachusetts, following Sheena to George Hill Orchard and then on to ice cream! Even though it’s late October now, Fall colors also are late this year, and the weather was a comfortable mid-50s, bringing out 6 MINIs (and an Audi TT) – and one benefit of missing Mickey & MINI in Florida is that GPMINI is still up here to join in …

As always, Sheena led us down some beautiful twisty roads (including the obligatory “U-turn”) – which my GP seemed to really enjoy, increasing MPG during the day even while running at higher than normal RPMs 🙂


At George Hill Orchard, few Apples were picked – but we sampled the food (hot dogs, cider donuts …) and visited the “Pets”:


Then back to the MINIs for a short trip to ice cream at Cold Stone – and Armen got to drive GPMINI! Cold Stone ice-cream was excellent; my traditional sweet cream ice cream with caramel and banana – which I ate before taking the picture!

Great fun to run in the GP again, and enjoy the company of good friends – thanks Sheena, and everyone!

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