It’s not a MINI … But driving it was so much fun in all the ways that MINI is fun, but hundreds of times more!

The Ferrari reacted to every tiny movement of hand on steering wheel or foot on pedal. It launched from slow to fast whenever asked, and stopped just as well. Thrilling on corners too.
But it’s not the car for me … No stereo system

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2 thoughts on “458!

  1. The 458 Ferrari is the other end of the driving / cost of entry spectrum with performance and feel delivered with feedback to its driver, awesome drivers car with a true all around racing pedigree that’s about performing well in all areas of driving, the one thing rwd has is throttle control to use looseness when cornering near the limits of tire grip, so much fun and something the Mini makes up for with slower paced aggressiveness and enjoyment, great 458 which compares well with the new ZR1.

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