Remembering Keith

My Uncle Keith passed away Christmas night, after struggling with his health this year, and spending months in hospital. This is Keith a few years ago, when he was still well (on the right):

Keith never had use of his legs but lived a full and largely unhindered life in his wheelchair or crutches; he was a huge part of our family life growing up, as my Mum had to work many jobs to make ends meet bringing up four children alone, and Keith was a regular babysitter for us.
Our summer holidays also were spent with my Mums family including Keith, and there are many memories from those days, including the famous “wheel fell off” incident during a south coast summer.

Keith also introduced me to electronics, encouraging me to learn more and being involved in the first microcomputer kit I ever built – so I think he had a great responsibility for the life I have today!

Thank you for everything, Keith …

7 thoughts on “Remembering Keith

  1. Never met the man but did Facebook with him a few times, he seemed genuinely a nice person, sorry for your loss.

  2. You will always have those very special memories to keep with you, and to keep your Uncle Keith in your heart forever.

  3. I have not seen this before and found your comments very moving. I think it is fair to say that Keith was very proud of you and I know you and he had a special bond. We are all fortunate to have had him in our lives and to have so many happy memories to draw comfort from. I guess we will always miss him, which proves what a very special person he was.
    After losing his final battle against impossible odds, he is at peace…

  4. I have only just seen this. It is upsetting, but I am also happy to remember Keith. He was very, very special and moved so many lives.

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