Another trip to Magic Kingdom

Yesterday we went for afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian hotel, a spectacular building outside and in!

Then, a monorail ride to Magic Kingdom …


The park was quite busy, but Margaret and I, and Joanne and Earle, rode a few things in Tomorrow Land including the “PeopleMover” (which broke down just before we got on), the Carousel of Progress (which broke down during our ride), and Buzz Lightyear (which didn’t break down!):

One thought on “Another trip to Magic Kingdom

  1. I went to the “Real” Disneyland on opening day… 😉 A few things broke down and there was sticky asphalt but I loved it. The next year we went back every year until I graduated from high school and nothing ever broke down and nothing ever looked off while Walt was alive.

    Glad you had fun… GP George just asked “Is I & M going to be at Kittie’s party?” Hum seems you have some explaining to do… 😉

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