GPMINI is sold!

This morning I took GPMINI to MINI of Peabody for a pre-sale inspection – Dave was very thorough, spending much more than an hour on the work!

Later, prospective new owner Dave met me at work, checked over everything and took her for a quick and happy test drive … A bit more paperwork either way, I am now MINI-less, and GPMINI has new owners:

The end of an era, I guess …

13 thoughts on “GPMINI is sold!

  1. But, tomorrow is actually my birthday 🙂 And, you may continue to see more pictures somewhere of GP0203. Great to meet you Ian and I hope you get yourself a new MINI so we can meet at some MINI functions.

    Dave (new proud owner)

  2. “The end of an era!!!” I’m thinking not! I think Ian is just punking us all and a next gen GP is soon to be part of his MINI life reborn!…:-)

  3. Have to say the first ten thousand miles in the GP were without doubt the best, it had so much power and wanted to show it, it was like holding back a Rottweiler on a leash, it so wanted to get away from you. At least you have those great memories to cherish of how that car performed.

  4. Looks like it went to a appreciative owner which surely helps. I am also thinking about parting ways with 0509, tough decision however.

  5. Congrats on the sale. The new owner has already posted on NE MINI, so in a way it has stayed in the ‘family’. Motor On!

  6. This leaves room in the driveway for the new 2013 MINI GP. Or perhaps a Classic Mini for the Florida house? Ian without a MINI is like a day without Sunshine!

    Dave N

  7. seems like dave is appreciative as new owner of gp mini… I am also interested to see the latest mini gp models. Ive seen meet-up posts here, awesome 😀

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