8002, repainted

I’ve already mentioned that Margaret has been painting all of inside 8002 while we’ve been down here for a few months – I posted my much improved computer room / office already.

Now, pictures of the rest of the house; here first is the main living area – hallway / dining / living / kitchen:

Our master bedroom and en-suite bathroom got a big facelift, too:


The other bedrooms also got painted, including “The Captains Room” which we made more “ocean like” than before …

4 thoughts on “8002, repainted

  1. Beautiful!!!! Doesn’t even look like the same house. I think you should go in business. Margaret, did you randomly paint the waves, or did you have a stencil? It is fabulous!! Of course, I love all the colors!
    What’s the next project? I know, REST.

  2. Hey, you did a great job with the colors! Who would want to live in rooms with dreary flat white or beige walls? Go see Ian & Margaret’s house and see for yourself! I love the green bedroom. The colors will put people in wonderful moods.

  3. Thanks, Becca!
    You’re right … the original all white house was fine but not fun! None of the colors are too extreme, but they are much nicer than before.

    The strongest color is the red in the master bedroom, but it’s only on one wall, and that is the one with the door and mirrored cupboard so it’s partly hidden anyway.

    Margaret did really well on the waves, just doing them by hand – really impressive 🙂

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