KSC Up Close

Today we visited the Kennedy Space Center, in particular the Up Close tour which, right now, includes a look inside the enormous Vehicle Assembly Building (and a surprise bonus)!

Lots to see as well as that tour, such as an International Space Station mural, or try laying in a mock-up Apollo Command Module:

Time to head off on our tour, beginning a long way from the VAB but getting ever closer … and then, inside!

A huge building! It made the Space Shuttle stored inside look quite tiny!
Later the tour continued with a drive-by launch pad 39A where many Shuttles left Earth:

After stopping at the Atlantic Ocean and seeing Alligators we end at the Apollo Saturn V Center, enough of a stop on it’s own to use up a few hours!

2 thoughts on “KSC Up Close

  1. Looks like fun. It is a sad end to a once glorious space, technology programs we had. Lost jobs, lost vision and no money makes for strange bedfellows.

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