5 thoughts on “Which blue?

  1. Barb and I test drove the 500 a few times and different models before deciding we really liked the MINI Cooper S much better. While the FIAT was cute, and the price about the same, the MINI is just so much better to drive. Cuteness becomes normality after a few years. AKA: PT Cruiser. The MINI updates and new models in the range are fresh. So Ian, which blue? The one from Cowley of course!

  2. Yes, Dave … if I had to choose between the two, I’d make the same choice as you. Not enough headroom to even sit straight in the Fiat!

  3. So much for the little car BS.

    Well I have to agree that my Abarth is not as stable as the MINI. As far as the “Cuteness” thing… correct me if I’m wrong but that was the poke at the MINI for years along with “Chick Car”.

    After 2500 miles I’m enjoying the Abarth immensely in many ways my 2004 MINI never did with reliability, seat comfort and car construction. Yes it’s a very un MINI Like in it’s handling, on a recent journey on our Hwy 1 out here in CA, from Cambria to Carmel, I had to remember “It’s Not A MINI” but as the miles roll on it’s a fun car…as Gabe Bridger suggested to me at MTTS Chicago…to drive and VERY ITALIANO.

    This car isn’t for anyone who is too binary in their attitudes like a few of my dear friends are, it requires patience and being awake during hard cornering…LOL

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