Visiting the Big Duck

Anyone who knows of MaxaMini, Quack Quack Jack/Jill, or MINIs and ducks, should know that all the duck themes began at The Big Duck on Long Island, where Ed Smith (MaxaMini) joined a MINI run organized by Rob, where Ed famously said in response to a photo of MINIs in front of the landmark “It’s not a Big Duck, they’re just MINI people”!

And so today, I took Quack Quack Jack & Jill to meet the Big Duck …

(we gave both ducks a Big Duck pin for their collection)


I had originally planned to meet up with Rob, as he was responsible for Ed meeting the Big Duck and in a way started the MINIs / ducks, but it didn’t work out – but then heading back from the Big Duck, we spotted a Fiat on the highway, and it was Rob! So many cars on Long Island, and we met Rob – perhaps Ed was guiding us 🙂


Today was full of coincidences … when we met George & Jayne this morning, and checked out George’s classic Mini, it turned out they were selling GP1717 today (I was present when they bought her, and now when they sold her! Happily, the new owner Jim is just as much a car crazy person as George)


UPDATE: I created a short document that I will be mailing to The Big Duck, hopefully they will add it to their memorial wall.

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  1. Ha, another 500 though not an Abarth. That GP was supposed to be our ride for MTTS but now it’s the KIA????

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