Our UK rental …

In England for a month, we’ve got a Diesel powered VW Golf! Not big, our three cases precisely filled the boot (trunk):

But on the 100 miles so far, Heathrow to Bath, the car is claiming over 60mpg! Even considering UK gallons are 10% bigger, that’s an amazingly efficient engine (needs to be, with fuel double the price of USA) …

UPDATE: First tank of gas took us 529 miles, and 51 litres to refill. That converts to just under 13.5 US gallons, so almost 40mpg! It cost 69 pounds = $108, so $0.20/mile. Not bad.

6 thoughts on “Our UK rental …

  1. I almost bought a TDi but the price difference and diesel / petrol pricing here meant that it would have taken something like 17 years to pay back. I ended up with the GTi instead 🙂 but the TDi is a great car.

  2. Loved my son n laws Golf TDI when he worked in Germany. What a a rocket!

    I read thru all your UK stuff and instead of comment here and there just thought I’d say thank you for all the wonderful pics and travelog. Someday I hope to take my wife Kathleen Linda Gallagher Ballard to see her families homeland.

    My FIAT 500 TRUNK: Wider at the base than the MINI but because the boot is notched inward it very tight even for small carry on size cases. Also, the rear seats do not fold flat another aggravating feature… All the Italians… what are they thinking?

  3. Funny how you still show my MINI Blog TWISTYBLITZ… it’s been dead for almost 2 years. My only blog now is for the 500.


  4. I’m really enjoying the Golf Diesel – torque is very fun, and it handles on these tight English roads really nicely

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