(Not) the stereo cabinet

Long ago (almost a year ago!) we had finished our living room fireplace project, except for new cabinetry for the stereo equipment. We ordered custom cabinetry from Ed Soucy, and waited … and waited …
Yesterday, Ed called us – happy to show us the work he’d completed, and this morning we headed to his workshop to view. But incredibly, last night a fire occurred at the workshop! Thankfully a fast response minimized the damage – a local photographer got some pictures.

While it’s all tragic for Ed, the results this morning for us were unexpected after waiting so long – a dark workshop and damaged woodwork:


We are hoping that there is only smoke damage which can be quickly solved – and hoping that Ed can quickly get back to work, and complete this furniture for us …

One thought on “(Not) the stereo cabinet

  1. What you couldn’t get Norm Abram’s to do the work….;-) Sorry to hear about the fire, hope it works out.

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