I wanted to post this mostly because of this picture:

Or perhaps even more, because of this video:

This is Matt at PG Trionic recently. significantly altering an old scissor vehicle, and creating spectacular showers of sparks! We wanted to experiment with some different drive motors, and the only way to do so is to fit them to a vehicle – however it’s not a simple drop-in replacement, hence loads of cutting of steel, followed by much assembly of aluminum and other new parts, to get to a movable machine.
Since this is a quick “proof of concept” test, I had Matt do just enough to get the test done; we hung one of the bench test rigs on the machine for control, and left the original vehicle controls active for steering. Made for challenging tests, with one operator at the back controlling drive speed, while someone else had to control steer at the front!

The motor assembly itself is quite a work – since the experimental motors/wheels are much smaller than the originals, a lot of spacer aluminum was needed:

All this worked perfectly, and we have our answers … great job, Matt!