Since getting my first iPad back in 2010, I’ve read paper books / magazines less and less – I’ve tried a few times to read eBooks, but until I got my iPad Mini last year, I found the (full size) iPad too heavy.

The iPad Mini is almost perfect for reading; agreed the display is not quite as crisp as retina, but the benefit of such a low weight far outweighs that – the one problem is that it’s really difficult to read outdoors, especially down here at 8002 in Florida with all the bright sun!

With the low prices and claimed fabulous screen quality of e-ink displays on Amazon’s Kindle, I purchased one … outdoors, the Kindle is so much more readable than the iPad:

I did find the Kindle display a bit disappointing indoors – even with the backlight of this latest “PaperWhite” version; iPad wins, indoors:


I also tried an “app” on the Kindle (called “Active Content”), but it was quite pointless – the slow to update and not-too-clear screen resulted in a fast delete!

Curiously also, the Kindle seems heavier to hold, even while tech specs claim it to be much lighter. Not sure if the larger iPad is expected to be heavier and then is surprisingly not, or if it’s because it’s thinner, or … whatever reason, the lower weight is not apparent.

Stick to iPad Mini for everything non-reading, and even for reading indoors; the Kindle is great for outdoor reading, but little else. But since that’s exactly why I bought one, I’m happy!

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