The Discovery of Chocolate

This afternoon, we headed back to Epcot to enjoy The Discovery of Chocolate as part of the International Food & Wine festival, not quite knowing what to expect – and being utterly wowed by what was presented!
Local chef David Ramirez, and a Disney presenter, provided about 100 attendees with incredible chocolate-related food samples, along with a complementing (and complimentary) wine, Rosa Regale.
We sat down with a glass already poured, and four little sample containers; the containers offered tastes of a “part processed” chocolate from Ecuador, in 50% to 80% chocolate mass concentrations, making for a fascinating comparison of chocolate, bitter, and other flavors while moving between percentages (and due to the samples coming from different companies, it was not a simple progression in flavors, either!)

Next we were presented with a sample entree, while David discussed the creation and experimentation needed to bring the final result to us; on offer was a pork with chocolate highlights, and an unbelievable hazelnut macaroon again including chocolate but with a filling of feta cheese, cucumber, hints of chili and cinnamon, just a stunning taste!

We then watched the creation of the macaroon through the blending of egg white and boiled water/sugar to an “italian meringue” style, then adding almond flour and I lost track of how many other ingredients, blended and eventually to be baked (we’d been offered a presentation of either the pork of the macaroon, but everyone in the room wanted to know more – and probably taste more – of the macaroon!)

While watching that presentation, we were delivered another incredible taste in the form of a strong chocolate dessert, each bite to be savored!

Finally, we headed home with a sample of the same four “percentage” chocolates, but now fully prepared and blended in what will no doubt be another perfect experience – saved for now …