A busy first day at Independence

By yesterday afternoon, the movers had left and our new Florida home at Independence was filled with everything we own – and lots of unpacking, organizing and tidying to do!
Many of the boxes brought in belong in the kitchen, and luckily there’s lots of cabinets and drawers, and even a pantry, to make it all disappear …

Margaret’s successfully put away almost all the kitchen now, tonight!

Meanwhile, I worked to sort the garage so we have storage for tools, etc. Our new home has a “2+1” garage, meaning while there’s room for two cars wide at the entrance, it shrinks to a huge single wide at the rear, perfect for storage. Here’s the garage after everything is set up (Margaret’s car is outside, as we have lots of scrap boxes piled up):

Elsewhere, our bedroom is sorted enough to sleep, but we still need “light blocking” drapes and some other changes:

My office needs loads more work, but at least I can sit and work at the computer:

Other bedrooms will be set up for guests (but we need to add bedding!), although the downstairs guest bedroom is complete – and a few “bedrooms” won’t be used for now, and have as-yet untouched boxes stored:


Tomorrow’s task might be to finish the main living room; we have the big sectional recliner set up, but still need to mount the TV to the wall. I also need to do much more organizing in my office (I need more furniture, I think!)

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