MINI Takes The States 2014

MINI USA has done an amazing job of encouraging the MINI community, including thousands of miles of MINI Motoring at the bi-annual MINI Takes The States events.

The original 2006 event is still probably the best, partly because it was rolled up with delivery of GP0203, partly because it was my first ever big American drive (Coast To Coast meant that my MINI had about 5,000 miles when it got home), and partly because I met great MINI friends including George, Robert – and of course the MINI USA folks including Jim and Trudi.
The 2010 event was fabulous too, because Margaret drove it with me – and we did a second Coast To Coast together that year, again in GP0203!
While I was not impressed by 2008 (no driving), and only squeaked in to the very end of 2012 (thanks, George!), I’m happy to be planning to join the 2014 event, with Margaret – and this time in a new MINI, Black Knight.

Margaret again will be traveling with me, and we’ve chosen to do just the second half of the event, joining MINI Takes The States in Memphis (the closest point to our new home in Florida) and then driving all the way to Boston – where we can then visit our old friends for a few days, before heading back south. It’ll be a fun time again I’m sure, and we’ll have more comfort this year too, in the bigger Countryman!

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