2016 Clubman ordering

After seeing the Clubman demo car last month, and reviewing the huge amount of technology now available in the latest MINI design, it became clear that it was ordering time again …

My next MINI will look similar to the demo, some good photos here courtesy of Pedro:

The interior tech is getting ever closer to the BMW X3 I once owned, though the MINI’s looks are much better (and yes I know there’s at least one person who doesn’t agree, but that’s ok!)

The downside of all that available technology (including wide screen navigation, head-up display, power seats, and “driver assist”) is the price tag; at almost $40,000, the most expensive MINI I’ve ever ordered!


And as of today, I have a production number so that tracking can begin, although, the MINIUSA website doesn’t seem to fully understand the new Clubman – see the blank “model description”:

I suppose this will eventually be GBMINI#8 (expecting to take delivery some time in late January) ..

3 thoughts on “2016 Clubman ordering

  1. Well yes not a fan of the looks or size but too each his own. If you like them that’s all that matters. I’m sure the car will be quite nice.

  2. Oof! A $40k Mini… Well, it’s a brand now not a model, so I suppose I need to adjust my frame of reference!

  3. Yes, MINIs are expensive now – but if you compare this with the Audi Q5 or BMW X3 I’ve owned, this MINI at least equals those in performance and technology, it’s a little smaller but I’m expecting it to be quite big enough! And it’s $10K less expensive.

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