Countryman / Clubman

I have no interest in going back to a Countryman – my Clubman is a very fine MINI; but it’s interesting to compare the newest vehicle. I’ve not seen the new Countryman, but comparing dimensions on the MINIUSA website indicates that it’s built on the same chassis / wheelbase, and that it’s almost 5″ taller – but even with that extra height, front head and shoulder space is basically identical; and the Countryman has taken away an inch of front legroom, to provide more rear space!

(new Countryman on the left, 2016 Clubman on the right)

So the Countryman is a better choice if you need the rear space – but the Clubman is a better choice for no more than one passenger. Interesting too to note that the Countryman S now includes automatic transmission (only the ALL4 S can have manual transmission).

UPDATE: MotoringFile can written about this too; it’s interesting how they favor the Countryman, only writing what’s “more” …