Hoover Dam and Memorial Bridge

Today Margaret and I drove down to the Hoover Dam and for the first time visited the now finished Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge that takes traffic over the Boulder Canyon and relieves traffic at the dam (it turns out the dam road is no longer a through route – as we discovered when trying to leave the opposite way to where we entered!)

The last time we were here, the bridge was not completed – not even joined across the canyon, but now there’s a very nice walkway up and along the length of the new bridge, giving fabulous views of Hoover Dam – of course, I took lots of pictures!

That last picture is a plaque at the memorial bridge parking that nicely shows the old and new roads across the canyon. It’s interesting too to compare photos from my iPhone 7 Plus, and my Sony high-zoom camera – where I didn’t need the high zoom, the iPhone picture is frequently more pleasing!

Because the canyon is also the Nevada / Arizona state line, you can stand on a plaque halfway across the bridge and be in both states; or you can be in different states to each other:

I took a big panorama of the Hoover Dam from the bridge, too:

From the bridge, we drove down to parking at the Hoover Dam, and went in to the generator tour – going down into the heart of the dam and seeing the massive construction efforts gives even more sense of how impressive everything is! At the time we were there, two generators were running (a light on the top shows it):


From the dam, of course, we had a view of the completed bridge, as well as closer views of the dam and Lake Mead, when we walked across and back over the dam:


Hoover Dam is still an amazing structure to visit, and it’s better still now the traffic is improved!