Stanton changes coming fast now!

The original crazily optimistic end-December closing date has flown by, and Jones Homes have a more realistic closing date next week – so meanwhile, loads of work is being done by loads of people (although the list of things that need fixing is getting longer, too!)

Outside, we’ve got a/c units, a screened pool/patio area, and garage door – as of our last visit power hadn’t been turned on, so we’ve not yet been able to test the heating / cooling, but at least it exists now. Upstairs the balcony has been tiled, and railings installed:


Indoors, most of the bathrooms have been tiled, including our master. Some of the fixtures are in too, though not all. The granite countertops are in too in the bathrooms and in the kitchen, although the island is still missing.


The hardwood flooring is down too, and the stair rails are installed and looking fabulous (the carpets were still missing as of this morning):


We do a pre-closing inspection on Friday, it’ll be interesting to see how long the “not done” list is then, and how well they do at sorting that list before closing in 9 days …