LunaSea Alpaca Farm

The LunaSea Alpaca Farm is only 10-15 minutes away, and Margaret and I (and a couple of her friends) had a really fun visit today, getting up close with Alpacas and Llamas, including a few only a couple weeks old; the small entrance fee is well worth it! I’ve managed to reduce the 150 photos I took down to a more manageable 40-50, for your enjoyment …

Our first visit is with the male Alpacas – there’s a lot of different personalities there, including one that hasn’t yet been sheared and was standing in a water fountain to keep cool!


The next field was the “girls” and included two Llama with their distinctively different upright ears – much bigger too and these two were “checkered” instead of single color:

The third paddock had the young Alpaca, including a couple born within the last two weeks! Our guide picked up a couple to more closely introduce them – but one of them was really friendly and wandered over to sit with Margaret, later …


The farm also had chickens (you can spot some sitting in the Alpaca food/hay containers), ducks, and geese – and a few ducklings with a goose mother! Our guide again provided close-up opportunities with one duckling (and you can see in the final pictures that all ducklings were safely returned to “mother”):


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