Visiting Chicago

We’ve just returned from a few days in Chicago, our first trip there and a great city to visit so long as you don’t rent a car (which we didn’t); we stayed right in the skyscraper center next to the river, and had easy walking along the riverside, down to The Bean, over to the Navy Pier – and then clean reliable train service out to further parts of the city.

It was cold when we arrived, warmer another day, cold again – we bought hats and wore a coat most of the time; we walked, and took loads of photos. Our hotel room overlooked the river and Trump Tower, for when we weren’t out walking …


We took an “architectural river cruise” with Wendella, learning about the skyscraper history and getting great views as we traveled through the lock and out to Lake Michigan, and back …

We (twice) watched all the bridges open to let tall mast yachts through (a very slow process with so many bridges, opening one-at-a-time!)


We walked to The Bean (Cloud Gate), spectacular and beautiful art!

In the evening we watched Art on theMart, a somewhat strange and soundless projection (sound is supposed to be available from the website but it was unconvincing); some great night time views from the riverside too:

There was more too, shopping, pizza (of course), and endless chocolate; a great vacation!