Animal Kingdom Safari, twice

We headed to Disney Animal Kingdom this afternoon, with a fast pass for the safari ride; but when we got there (before our fast pass time) the wait time for the regular line reported 15 minutes – and it turned out that we walked right the way on to the vehicle with no wait at all! Chatting with staff, they said “everyone is at Star Wars” (and no doubt the threat of a hurricane has quieted the parks, too!)

After our safari, we still had our fast pass – so we went a second time; it was amazing how different the animals were, just an hour later. A single Hippo the first time, five or more the second time. Giraffe all clustered under trees sheltering from the rain on the second trip, while Wildebeest were now all spread out. And the White Rhino apparently pleased with the rain, were in their mud hole on the second drive! Photos:

We also got a few Disney photos, including with Mickey & Minnie Mouse …