2019 – picture every day

Back in 2009 I set myself the task of taking (and posting to MargaretAndIan) at least one photo every day – it was quite hard as the year went on, finding something interesting every single day, but I did do it, and I finished the year by putting all 365 photos into a single post and then also creating a 20 minute video slideshow sequence!

Ten years on I decided to try and do the same, taking at least one photo every day through 2019 – but I didn’t commit anything to MargaretAndIan (since there’s few viewers these days, what with FaceBook etc), and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to keep doing it, what with working from home eliminating the commute, living in Florida eliminating wintry photos, etc … but I did do it anyway.

Just like 2009, I’ve put together this post of every photo I took (each photo captioned with date and a description); there’s also once again a video slideshow sequence, which I’ll put in the post after this one …

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