Three months in the garden

Over the last year or so Margaret has made many changes in the garden, especially in the back where more plant areas were created and filled. Back in April I took photos of some areas and the plants as far as they had grown back then; now today three months later, I’ve taken updated photos to compare …

The banana plant, and all the plants behind the screened patio, have grown a lot!

Along the right fence, the plants have done well too – this was a struggle for a while as we expected less sun than actually occurs, but Margaret planted sun-liking plants to shade the others and it’s worked well!

Along the back fence to the left, most plants have grown although the climbing vine is struggling (with too much sun maybe?)

Against the pool there’s not been much change … the milkweed plants did ok till monarch caterpillars arrived (which was the purpose of planting them, but the caterpillars don’t leave much!)

And opposite, there’s still a lot of growth needed, too, though one plant has done well …

In the front garden I don’t have comparison photos, but everything is doing well – especially the potted gardenias on the front porch (and I love how the spider plant is escaping it’s pot!)

2 thoughts on “Three months in the garden

  1. Many spider babies. Looking very lush and green. Sadly can’t plant much in our new place (park rules dictate) but hopefully we’ll still be able to make it nice

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